“My grandad” – Danielle

My grandfather is a successful business man, he owns an engineering business. This is his second business since he moved here from England thirty seven years ago with my mum Sharon, my nana June and my aunty Michelle. Jamie was born after they got to New Zealand. In Grandads business he makes hydraulic rams but when he was in England he was a tree faller.


Grandad is about five foot nine and has blackish grey hair. He always wears flannel shirts and blue jeans except when he is in the workshop when he wears overalls over top. He has a unique smell, it is a mix of soap and the liquid he uses to cool down the metal after he has drilled it. His hair style is always the same, a comb over.


One memory I have of him is Christmas about five years ago when my sister, my two cousins and me teamed up on him and tried to tackle him but he was too strong and we were only about seven so he lifted two of us up and the other two ended up on his feet and he was walking around the house. But we can’t do that anymore because he has gotten older and we four kids have grown up to be bigger than him. Well nearly all of us are bigger than him.


Grandad is special to me because he taught me and my younger cousin Liam how to shoot and he comes to support me at my competitions and he always tries to come and support us whenever we are playing sport. That is another thing that is special about Grandad; he always puts others before himself. He is hard working and patient. This is important to his job and to us because he is teaching us how to drive and if he rushed through making the rams they would be the wrong size. He loves his family and I think he would feel proud because all of his kids have successful careers and us four grandchildren have a direction that we want to go in life when we leave school.


The End

“My Grandma” – Erin

My grandma Bev is so special to everyone in my family. She will always help out if you need her, we keep in contact so much that everyday you talk to her there is something new happening everyday of her life.

My grandma has red, short hair and is a little boldgy; she wears casual clothes and looks nice all the time where ever she goes she is doing things for herself and occasionally for my grandad and uncle. She is nice, sweet and thoughtful, always caring and thinking of you.

My grandma is very typical. She tidies the house in the morning e.g. vacuums, makes the bed, does washing, tidies kitchen. Then has lunch or goes into town and does a bit of shopping, comes home and cooks tea for my grandad, does the dinner dishes then relaxes for the night.

One good memory I have with my grandma is taking us to the 2004 New Years Eve Night in whangamata down at the beach. There were glow sticks; loud music off the bands playing then there is a 10 second count down before midnight then at the start of 2005 the fire works go off it’s awesome.

My grandma Bev is very special because she always helps out when we need her at the last minute. Our family won’t no what to do when she dies. She is so helpful.

…I love my grandma very much…

“The Search” – Shayna

Flash! Flash! The sight of camera flashes light the cool, dim park. Click! Click! Camera’s flashing, people talking. Footprints have been found, engraved slightly in the muddy path that winds through Windsor Park. Investigator Murphy Black is on the scene. He sees something suspicious and stoops down for a closer look. It’s blood, sitting in the footprints.

“Take a cast. Send to HQ.” he says to one of his team, as he takes a blood sample from one of the imprints.

“Hmmm… Hey, take this and send it in for testing, thanks…”


The sounds of Police sirens echo around the city. They are on the hunt for a young female, deceased, 22-24 years old. Lights flashing blue and red. Search dogs, sniffing out the scent, looking, smelling. Just when the investigators are going to give up, a bark from one of the dogs gives them hope.


“Hurry! Over here!” As Investigator Black rounds the corner, he comes to a horrible scene. The young female is battered and bruised, blood pouring from her back; gun shot wounds to her head and face.

“Wow…” Investigator Black says, stunned. “This is the worst case I’ve ever seen.”


Back at headquarters, tests are being run. The woman’s body is going through an autopsy. Fingerprints are found and a fingerprint expert is brought in to confirm the results.

“Male, Caucasian, around 25 years old.” he says.

“Thank you, very much.” Investigator Black says.


Investigator Black calls the Police and gives a description of the suspect.

“Hello? Yes… Male, Caucasian, 25 years old… Um about 6’ 1’’, yes… longish dark hair and blue eyes. Thank you, good luck.”


“Hi, have you seen this man?” an officer asks a passer by, holding up a WANTED! poster.

“Sorry, no. But my cousin may have.”

The officer gets back in his car and drives a little further.

“Have you seen this man around?” he says.

“Yeah. He’s my mates brother. Go to 94 Clyde Street in California. He should be home.”

“Thanks heaps!” the officer says, jumping excitedly in his vehicle and zooming off.


“Excuse me, James? Federal Agent. You’re under arrest for the murder of Alice Johnson. You have the right to remain silent and anything you say or do can be used against you in the Court of Law. Please step inside the vehicle. Watch your head… thank you.” the officer says as he gets in the Police car.


“Did you murder Alice Johnson?” Investigator Black says.

“Yes, I did.” James says.

“Can you explain to me why you did this?” Investigator Black says, turning on his recorder. “ Ignore this.”

“Well, I found out she was sleeping with my best friend. I was outraged because I loved her. I was going to propose when I caught them in bed together. I screamed at my mate, yanked Alice out of bed, grabbed my gum and shot her 10 times in the head and 12 times to the face. I kicked and punched her to let out my anger, dragged her to my car and dumped her in the park…” James said, without hesitating or pausing.

“Thank you James. I’ll be seeing you soon.” Investigator Black says, leaving the room.


“ORDER!! James Boydson, please step forward.” the judge says. “Did you murder Alice Johnson?” he asks.

“Yes I did. Investigator Black has recorded my confession” James says.

“Mr Black, is this true?”

“Yes, your honour. I will play it for you.” Investigator Black says, playing the confession.

“Well, I know the exact sentence for you. 10 years hard time for the manslaughter of Alice Johnson.” BANG!


“My brother and I” – Caleb

My brother and I


My brother Brendan is possibly the best brother you can imagine, he’s tall, charming, friendly, he’s kind to every one but he knows when to be firm. My brother Brendan doesn’t really have a nickname but I called him bro.  Brendan is my only brother and he is older than me.


Well what can I say my bother is tall full of muscle, dark hair, hazel eyes, full of personality, he cares for every one and helps them in the good times and the bad. As any other brother might do, they might beat up their little brothers but not mine he took me out on adventures and told me stories.


One of my memories are, well that’s along time ago and it started off as a normal day in Wellford raining.   The back paddock was flooded.  My brother and I decided to go out for a fish in the stream but the steam just happened to be the whole paddock so we took refuge in the old oak tree that towered above the rest of all the other trees. I’d just like to add that when the tide is on its way in the stream has salt water in it and we often catch eels by leaving a line out over night and nana would cook them for dinner.  As the rain got harder and harder we thought of calling it quits and we did but the only trouble was trying to get back home. The easiest way was on the long gravel road back to the farm gates.   Luckily we had some money in our coats to buy us some bread from the old bread makers house.


So as you may be thinking why my brother seems so special to me well, he’s always been there for me thick and thin and plus he’s my bro that’s why I look up to him.

“Nana Milne” – Kelly

Nana Milne


My Nana was also known as Lorraine Milne. She was a nice, caring and out going person but on the other hand she was cheap because she used to give us second hand gifts. My brothers and I never called her just Nana we always added Milne on the end.


Whenever we went to Nana’s house, she always gave us a comforting hug to welcome us to her home. We always got yelped at by her dog called Suzie. No matter how many times we visited Suzie would never remember who we were.

Nana had a strong smell of an old Rose perfume that stunk out the house. Nana had a gentle face and short light gray hair. Nana must never of heard of fashion because she was a bit out of date with her eighties style clothing. Nana was very short lady and at Woolworths could never reach the top shelf.


Nana always used to relax on her couch in the afternoon. With her feet up on a stool by the fire, she could knit for hours without stopping. She was always looking after batches of kittens. Nana had always lived with my old, bald uncle Johnny he never moved out of home and still lives there now.


A memory I will always remember is on my fifth birthday. I had a party with all my friends. I was enjoying all the presents that they gave me. Nana came around with a present and handed it to me. I was so excited I just ripped the wrapping off. Turns out, there was no reason for all the excitement because it was a used colouring in book. I tried not to show that I was disappointed but I gave her a hug and said “thank you”.


Nana will always be special to me because she always loved spending time with us on weekend. She was an independent lady and had the most random sayings such as “live life to the full” and “How have you been?” Nana was important to me because was always there for me and listen to what I had to say.


In loving Memory of Nana Milne.

“Licence to Kill – Anton

It was a baking hot day. The president was making his daily announcements of so called ‘new laws.’ I gently tap the trigger. I hear screaming. People scattering all over the place like a bunch of undiscovered rats rushing to get free. I hear some body guards yelling. One says “The presidents down!” another yells “scout the area, the shooter has to be nearby.” I quickly run out of the building and join the rushing crowd and quickly flee the area.


This is when my story begins. If you haven’t guessed already I’m paid to assassinate and carry out top secret missions for the CIA. I work for a guy called Marty. Him and I are practically best mates. He’s the one that got me into this gig. Other than this I don’t really have a personal life. Anyway enough about me and back to the story.


I just got back to headquarters and Marty was standing, waiting for some more news. I told him, mission complete. He had a pleased look on his face, and he told me “it’s time.” I replied “time for what?” there was an awkward pause then he told me, for your final mission. “Final mission? What does that mean?” I questioned. He didn’t say anything after that but just gave me a box and told me to wait outside for the van. I did as he said. I waited outside for 5 minutes before the van came. I hopped inside then opened up the box. Marty’s face appeared and told me about the mission. BANG! The device exploded. “What the F$#% was that?!” The driver asked. I didn’t reply, I just thought to myself why would he give me a mission to protect a serial killer.


I turned up at the located point to meet up with this serial killer. A woman walked up to me. She looked mid twenties, blonde hair, blue eyes slim body. She asked if Marty sent me. I nodded and asked “how do you know Marty?” she told me that she was the serial killer. She looked like she couldn’t even harm a fly let alone killing 5 guys. We exchanged ID, on it said her name was Toni, and she told me to come down below. I followed and saw a green Ford Mustang American muscle, good condition and freshly washed. It also had a scent of pine. As we were about to jump in we were caught up with some unwelcome bikers. We quickly rush inside and a couple of secret agents run out and start shooting at the bikers. One of the bikers pull out a rocket launcher, one of the guys heads flop into her lap. She screamed as loud as she could, I’m nearly certain she broke a sound record. We have one of those Mr. and Mrs. Smith scenes where I shoot, they shoot back, we shoot some more, the all the bad guys die. That would be true if I didn’t hit the petrol powered generator and blew this hotel to bits. Unluckily there was a royal conference upstairs and about 200,000 people died in this tragic incident. We were able to get out just as the whole entire hotel blew up. While we were escaping our car blew up so I called the CIA and they sent us a Ford GT40, one of the fastest cars in the world in that time.


We managed to get into Hollywood, L.A the rendezvous point which is where I found Marty beckoning us to come inside the museum. As we walked inside we found 10 CIA agents, all armed with lethal weapons standing around us. They were standing there, all ready to shoot but then Marty, my boss, my best friend, came up to me and put a gun to my head. I was frozen in shock but then he told all the agents to lower their guns. I felt relieved for a moment but then Marty walked away from me. Toni was clinging on tight to my arm as all this was happening. Marty then gave me orders to put all my guns on the ground and slide them towards him. I pulled at least 5 guns from their holsters.  He then raised that gun back to my head. You know how when your about to die, your entire life is meant to flash before your eyes? Well this didn’t happen to me. As Marty pulled the trigger I flung Toni out the door, I mean literally flung her. It was like she was flying. I then somersaulted towards my guns while all the CIA agents and Marty were shooting at me. I grabbed 2 semi automatics I had been holding at the time and killed off the CIA agents, but then Marty gave me one shot to my left lung. I dropped to the ground. As I dropped I pulled the trigger one last time hitting Marty right in the bridge of the nose. That was when I saw my life, and it was mainly about me and Toni. The next thing I remember I’m in the hospital nearly choking to death with a straw pushed half way down my throat. Toni was by my side along with the new head of CIA. The new head of CIA asked Toni to leave the room while he had a chat with me. And now 1 week later here I am, the old me is dead and the new me, well lets say he’s about to live a long happy life.





“Aunty Tracey” – Crystal

Aunty Tracey


Most of my aunties were grumpy but Aunty Tracey was the best aunty that any one could have. She was kind, loving and a thoughtful person. I never thought to give her a nick name as I just loved calling he aunty Tracey. Now that she has gone I really wish I had of.


The day I was born I opened my blue eyes and saw her, all I could do was smile. Her long finger nails were always painted purple. Some times with flours or one day there were orange and green dots, but they all ways had some bit of purple on them. Aunty Tracey would re-paint her nails if they got chipped or if they broke she would find a way to make them look the same. She had a reddish brown wig that she used to wear as she lost all her hair to the chemo treatment that she had to have.


Aunty Tracey also used to have a garden outside her bedroom window that was full of red white and yellow roses. She would pick one for me and give it to me and we both love roses.


I was 6 or 7 when we were making stuffed toys at school. I chose to make a teddy bear, I made a purple and orange teddy with a heart patch on his tummy and blue button eyes. Soon after that we went over to visit her as she was really sick. I took the teddy I made and gave it to her to help make her feel better. Together we named him squiggles. A week later we went back to visit her but squiggles was laying on her bed by him self. I then knew that some thing was wrong the Simone came in and told me that she had passed away all I could do was lay on her bed with squiggles crying. There was a note that said


I am leaving squiggles in your hands.

 I trust you to take good care of him for me.

Much Love Aunty Tracey


After I read the letter I took squiggles with me back to grandmas and sat him on my bed. The next day  Simone took me in to the spar room where Aunty Tracey was laying peacefully in her purple coffin with all her favourite Teddys. I decided that squiggles would be much happier with her so I placed him in the coffin and said my good byes. Squiggles was cremated with Aunty Tracey and I know that he is in a better place.


Aunty Tracey was important to me as she loved spending time with me, we both loved the same things and got on really well. I am missing her dearly and wish she could have seen me grow up but she always told me to live as long as you can and don’t let things get in your way. I will never forget the fun times and memories that we had together.

“Cream Pie Monster” – Fraser

One day I was walking down the street and I saw a persimmon kid and I said, “Hi my names Fraser want to be friends?” And he replied, “yes”, then I said “what’s your name?” And he replied “panda”.Then he said “tag you’re it” and scuttled off yelling “come catch me”. Then I searched for hours only to wind up back where I started.

Then I decided to look in the cupboard so I turned the handle and opened the door and when I looked inside there he was ….eating a cream pie. We stopped and glared at each other for a second. Then he said, “want some pie?” Then in the blink of an eye the cupboard started glowing and turned into a nuclear reactor. Then when the glowing stopped I saw what appeared to be a cream pie monster. Then out of nowhere he ran away screaming.

Months and months went on and I had seen nothing of him. Then one day he appeared on the news for eating all the cream pies and there was something different. I think it was that he was about 15 times bigger than he was the last time I saw him and he was hanging off the top of a building and there was planes shooting at him. Then he fell to the ground and died.

“The memory of my Grandmother” – Bao

The memory of my




She speaks very soft and slow. She always says ‘try again’, if you do not do it right. She doesn’t speak loud like the other people.


She is a nice person; she is very kind, soft and happy. She is kind of person that everyone will like to have, or will want.


She has a healthy body, but now she has an old body. She does not wear the clothes that cost a lot of money; she wears cheap clothes because the family was poor. Her hair is black, but now her hair is white. Her face has a lot of wrinkles, because she is getting old of her ages.


She feels soft on the outside and inside of the body for everyone she loves. She smells like a housewife to me, because she works a lot in the house when my grandfather went to work

And I & my brother were small.


When I was small and I needed something or I have to do anything she was always there to help me. I think there should be more people like her in the world, to help all children and take care of them.


If it was not for my grandmother I will not be here now, and health, because she take care of my bother and I from when we were very small.

“Jamie” – Olivia







Jamie is a one of a kind of girl her smile warms up the cool air. Her positive vice and her loving approach to life. Her smell is a sweet sent of the summer. James caramel choc hair is as smooth as rich golden silk.


Jamie is a tall and has a skinny shaped figure. Her dark chocolate eyes shimmer like the ocean.  James voice is soft but can be firm.


I remember at Christmas she came over form Australia. Jamie and I both stayed at my nanas house for couple of weeks. One day we set off to the hot fiery beach. So we are laying there and then we decide to berry each other in the gritty sand. So I am laying their in the sand and she makes me look like mermaid by the end we had people taking pictures and looking curiously at us.


Jamie is an important role model for me I look up to her as an older sister. I hope that I turn out like Jamie a strong women who knows what she wants in life